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Pro Series 2620 Innersoles


The Pro series 2620 innersoles are purposely designed for technical shoes where direct power transfer is paramount and full sensation is essentials. They provide a solid base which can be adjusted to accommodate as foot adaptions take place over time. Fully customisable and low volume, the 2620's are engineered to increase forefoot flex and blood flow to maximise force transferal and reduce injury.

The majority of cycling shoes come with various levels of arch support (low, medium and high) and are set in a static position. The G8 Pro Series Innersoles on the other hand, come with 5 arch heights each with 11 different positions. This results in a possibility of 3025 combinations! CyclePro Concepts have partnered with G8 Performance as we believe that having the correct arch support in your cycling shoe is essential. This is why we have included a pair of innersoles in each comprehensive bike fit.


  • Fully customisable
  • 5 arch heights each with 11 position changes.
  • Thin and light
  • Built in metatarsal pad
  • Air flow chambers
  • Narrow heel cup


  • Increase foot flexion
  • Increase blood flow
  • Reduced foot numbness
  • Power transfer over a greater surface area

Size Guide

  • Small - EU 37-40
  • Medium - EU 41-43
  • Large - EU 44-46
  • XLarge - EU 47-49

Full Charts are below or watch the following video for more information

How to select the correct size of G8





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Fitting Guide

Instruction on how to fit them to your shoes can be located here or watch the video below.

How to fit your G8 correctly

Further Information

Further information can be found directly on the the G8 Performance website.

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