Two Wheels

Buying a bike is not just about walking down to the nearest sports store and picking the special of the month. If you want to get the most our of your cycling journey start off with a solid foundation. This doesn’t mean spending thousands on a bike which is lighter than a pair of work boots, nor does it mean spending a hundred bucks and expecting it to last for the next ten years!

What this means is buy a bike that is fit for purpose. There are a range of bikes to choose from from road, mountain, triathlon, time-trial, flat bar, fixed gear, BMX, folding track, cyclocross, retro, hybrid and electric.

Confused? No problem! Before even looking at a set of wheels, it is important to find out what the bike is going to be used for and what your cycling aspirations are. After only a few short minutes, we will able to determine the best type of bike for the type of riding you will be primarily doing and then walk you through the range of options available.