Bike Fit

Ever had to share a car with someone on a regular basis? What’s the first thing you do when jumping in the car after the other person has driven it? Maybe adjust the seat, adjust the mirrors, adjust steering wheel height? The setup position in a car is unique to the person driving it, and the same principals go for riding a bike. No two riders are exactly the same, therefore no two bike setups will be exactly the same. That is why having a bike fit is crucial for optimal riding performance.

There are three main contact points with a bike being the handle bars, seat and pedals. Each of these three points must be exactly in the right place in order to get the most out of your cycling journey. Being comfortable on a bike is probably the most important aspect of riding.

CyclePro Concepts believe in a complete personalised bike fitting experience. That’s why you won’t find any space aged contraptions with lasers and fancy computer screens that have all sorts of graphs and dials. What you will get is a complete personalised experience that will fit YOU to YOUR bike, in the best way possible.

There are two levels of bike fitting packages available, basic and comprehensive. Basic is include in our new rider mentoring program and is designed to get you out on the bike with minimal fuss. Comprehensive is designed for cyclists that are already riding and either want to maximize their position on the bike, have aches and pains or want an independent review. Both of these services can be found here.

For further detail about what our comprehensive bike fit entails, download a copy of our Information Guide located here.